About the Pastor

Dr. Ezekiel Parro’s Story

My testimony is as follows. After experiencing the death of my mother at age seven, I early on began thinking about death, life after death, and what happens when people die. My father kept me on the right track in life by encouraging me to work hard in school and to also be a faithful church member. One night on a Wednesday when I was nine-years-old, I realized my helpless condition before a Holy God and asked Jesus Christ to save my soul. Regretfully in my adolescent years I began to rebel against God, my father, and everything that I was instructed to do growing up. I became addicted to drugs and alcohol by age fifteen and pursued everything this world had to offer me for nearly seven years of my life. I played nearly every sport in high school and basketball on into my college life. God began to deal with my sinful lifestyle in a very serious manner once I reached the age of twenty, after waking up in a hospital bed the next weekend. I discovered that I survived a car accident that destroyed forty percent of my brain, I cried out to God for forgiveness and He restored the joy of my salvation. I then began physical, speech, and occupational therapy to rehabilitate myself and finally returned to college. It was then that God called me to be a counselor, and after completing my bachelors degree in psychology, I received a masters of arts in clinical pastoral counseling, and then became a doctor of Philosophy in clinical Christian counseling. After fulfilling God’s call on my life, I married my wife and we’ve been together now for four years. God allowed me to pastor my first church two years ago and we are still in the ministry now. I am a living testimony that anyone can do anything with the power of God in their life.