For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.  Romans 10:13

Three primary words in this verse demand and deserve our attention.  First is the word "whosoever".  The wonderful grace of God is not restricted to who a person is or what that person has done.  No matter how numerous and varied one's sins may be, Christ stands able and eager to forgive and save.  Secondly is the word "call" indicates the intentional act of one's will.  Whoever calls upon the Lord for Salvation He will never refuse or turn away, BUT one MUST CALL.  Finally, the wonderful GIFT of salvation, and the joy of a clean heart, a changed life and HEAVEN to come "is out of this world".  Why not CALL on Christ NOW and ask Him to SAVE you.  You'll never regret it!

Mike Cothran

New Testament Baptist Church, Greenville, SC


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